[pmwiki-users] ZAP magicbox bugs

Jiri Hladůvka / OBUTEX admin at obutex.com
Fri Oct 27 07:23:03 CDT 2006


following bugs occures in ZAP magicbox (version 26.10.2006)

- if multilines entered, the 1st line is not rendered when the variable 
is displayed while if single line entered
the variable is displayed OK (on my computer)

- if the last line in multiline text is not followed by Enter keystroke 
then || || chars string are displayed at the end of the text
(on my computer)

I think it is related to the   "(" prefix of the page textvariable 
definition in the source.

- (:div ... is not working,
For block formatting use >> ... << instead . But it MUST not be the 1st 
in www.zapsite.org when tested the 1st line is displayed but formatting 
did not work.
Try to enter this text in http://www.zapsite.org select Magicboxes
this text is intended
to be in blue color
and hit "Edit Magic Box" button.
the first line is displayed in the result, but the text is black.
After inserting a blank line as the first and push "Edit Magic Box" - 
the intended effect is reached.
But not permanently. Push "Edit Magic Box" again and the empty line is 
removed and displayed text is black.

- directives are disabled - it's not a bug but it's a pitty as a lot
of PmWiki features are disabled ie (:if userlang ... etc.

Best regards,

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