[pmwiki-users] More cool ZAP snippets up...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Oct 23 15:31:35 CDT 2006

On 10/23/06, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> On Oct 23, 2006, at 2:16 PM, The Editor wrote:
> > I plan on putting some more advanced features up a bit later when I
> > have some time, such as instant messaging, chat/shoutbox, intrasite
> > mail, email lists, classfieds, member blogs, etc.  But I want to get
> > my own site more zapified first!
> Thanks for all the work.
> I don't necessarily understand everything that you're doing, since
> they're usually snippets devoid of real-life applications, but if I
> go with ZAP in an upcoming project, you'll probably get sick of me
> asking you for ideas on how to create forms.  And yes, it will
> probably be a great test of actual applications for it.

No problem.  I'll do my best to help as far as I can.  It's these kind
of real life applications that test our limits and stretch our skills,
knowledge and experience.  I'm really looking forward to working with
you on this as an excellent opportunity for ZAP to shine.

The real difference between ZAP and FAST Data is a new way of thinking
about data.  Maybe something along the lines of what XML is supposed
to do.  That is: organizing all your information into fields, and then
separating that from the display.  It makes instantly updating the
layout of every classified ad instantly possible.  Way better than
static comment boxes.

> I will probably be taking on a classified ads site with a myriad
> number of features -- including paid subscriptions (probably PayPal's
> subscription feature) that have to be integrated into the login
> system (I will refine AuthUserDBase for this), pages &/or ad listings
> that expire, web guests not being able to see things (that's easy in
> PmWiki), and a distance-from-zipcode recipe (sorry to non-US
> people!!  that won't work for you).

I'd recommend a dbase approach for anything using money.  I've worked
hard on ZAP's security, but I'm sure there are vulnerabilities I've
not though of yet.  Particularly with text variables making everything
so accessible.  ZAP *will* make it very easy for users to create ads
and display/sort them how you want.  I think by using timestamps you
can probably limit those displayed to those within a certain realm
(might need some script to clean up old entries though if you want
to...).  You'll probably have to do the zipcode thing as that is out
of ZAP's realm.

> I've looked at other classified ad applications, and plug-ins for
> large CMS applications, but I don't feel like doing a whole lot of
> custom programming for other packages when I can do custom work just
> fine under PmWiki, and probably take less time.
> And that probably makes PmWiki enter the "hey, this really is a CMS,
> I guess" territory -- though I guess other people may have gone
> there.  I'd have to say that with similepedia I've definitely crossed
> the line from wiki-as-a-light-cms to wiki-IS-a-light-cms.

My FAST site is definitely all CMS, and much more powerful and
flexible than Drupal ever dreamed of being.  Definitely easier to use.
 I have never really been involved with a wiki, but from the beginning
saw PmWiki as the best (potential) CMS available.  Esp if you are
database averse.  Like me.  There were a few things I couldn't do at
first, but now ZAP has filled in those pieces for me, and more.  It
replaces all my forum, commentboxes, newpage, new
member/authentication recipes, etc, while adding lots of new fun
stuff.  One of these days I'll put together a bundle based on ZAP for
rapid CMS development.

Personally I think PmWiki should take on some of these CMS's out there
head to head. I know it would blow them out of the water.

Well looking forward to your classified ad project.  If you can
specify the form you want, I'll (try to) write the snippet.


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