[pmwiki-users] wiki engine conversion (mediawiki to pmwiki)

Brent Zupp atticus4 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 14:01:28 CDT 2006

If you you don't have lots of pages, you could do that. However,
you'll have to adjust your markup rules so that they match what you've
used in the mediawiki pages. Fortunately, that's easy. Have a look at:


Also, I'm sure there are some automated scripts you could hack that
would update your pages en mass, though I'm not familiar with
them...Others will likely chime in.




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On 10/22/06, Dr. Doog <andrew.fecking.kennedy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I host a MediaWiki for somebody on my webspace, but I need to move their
> wiki to another service which does not work with MediaWiki but does work
> with PmWiki. Is there an easy way to convert all of her MediaWiki pages into
> PmWiki besides copy-and-pasting each page into PmWiki ?
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