[pmwiki-users] skip argument for pagelist

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Fri Oct 20 12:30:05 CDT 2006

> From: Han Baas <hanbb at xs4all.nl>
> Hi folks,
> Is there any progress on the PITS-issue http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/ 
> PITS/00689, a skip argument for pagelists?
> I would love to have this.
> I would then be able to build a homepage where the first (newest)   
> page is displayed in full length, the next bunch of pages in exerpt  
> format.
> The possible uses for a news/blog-type site are endless.

I agree that a skip argument (or alternative) could be great for all
sorts of applications.  But for the application you identified, I think
you may already have the pagelist support you need.  

Right now you should be able to use a conditional to identify the first
(and last) items* which means that you should be able to use a (full)
include for the first item and for all other items (following an endif)
use a limited include (or appropriate pagevariable, or page text
variable for all other items.


PmWiki/PageLists explains the following (in the context of the Group
page variable) but I believe you can similarly test for the Name

The > and < references are most useful to help structure pagelist output
before and after the actual pagelist. Some common tests used to
structure pagelist output are:

    (:if equal {<$Group}:)              # Iteration is at the beginning
of list
    (:if equal {>$Group}:)              # Iteration is at the end of
    (:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)  # Iteration is at the first item
in a group
    (:if ! equal {=$Group} {>$Group}:)  # Iteration is at the last item
in a group 

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