[pmwiki-users] AuthUser and Groups

Guillermo Calderon - INCO calderon at fing.edu.uy
Thu Oct 19 13:48:56 CDT 2006

Jason Frisvold wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm in the process of hacking up Ben Wilson's AuthUserDBase addon (I
> have some fixes for you Ben) and I'm having a little trouble with
> groups.
> How do I pass the user's group to the authuser function?  I have
> something like this in the config :
> $DefaultPasswords['read'] = '@mygroup';
> I already know what group the user is via SQL, but I'm not sure how to
> tell the wiki...  ?  Can someone point me in the right direction
> please?  Can this be done using AuthUser?
> I'm running pmwiki 2.1.11.
> Thanks!

I use the following code to tell that the user $authid is in the group 

    SessionAuth($pagename, array('authid' => $id,
				'authlist' => array("@$gr" => 1 )));

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