[pmwiki-users] search crash : SOLVED !!!

Olivier Citeau ociteau at yahoo.fr
Thu Oct 19 09:21:35 CDT 2006

  I am very glad to announce that even if I did not truly solved the bug, I found a very good workaround.
  This issue is related to pmwiki looking for pages in the wrong directory.
  So, first of all, I noticed that 
  (:searchbox group=main:)
is ok, while (:searchbox :) crashes (I do not use group feature so group=main is a synonym for "exclude pmwiki group"
  Then in local/config.php, I added the following line :
  $SearchPatterns['default'][] = '!^PmWiki\.!';

  Thanks to all who helped me
  PS : this is more a bug with "free.fr" hosting than with pmwiki

Olivier Citeau <ociteau at yahoo.fr> a écrit :
  Ok Patrick, I have just set $EnableDiag = 1
  memory_limit is set to 16M.
  I can activate php5, but this would lower memory_limit to 8M (this is set by "free.fr" company, I cannot do anything about that)

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