[pmwiki-users] Akismet spam prevention tool cookbook recipe?

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Wed Oct 18 14:04:38 CDT 2006

Crisses schrieb:
> How fast of a tool is it?  How much will it slow things down?

Akismet works by sending all comments to a central server that knows 
about the spam that's currently being sent.
The comments get sent via an HTTP request, and the server returns either 
"OK" or "Not OK".
If you later reclassify spam as ham or vice versa, you can report that 
fact to the server if you wish. It uses this input to adapt the Bayes 
component in the spam detection.
In other words, it doesn't add significant server load on the PmWiki 
site, and it will mostly add the usual networking latencies for a round 
trip to the Akismet server (which is generally very quick to respond 

The server is run by a largely-not-for-profit something; they request 
that you pay a modest amount for the service "if you make more than 500 
dollars with your blog", with no automatic enforcement policy in place.

Overall I like it, except that it will be targetted on the day that 
spammers feel that it's overly effective (I don't expect that to happen 
in the near future though).


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