[pmwiki-users] local wiki cannot unblock

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Oct 18 11:31:32 CDT 2006

Someone tried to put a link to on one of my wiki's and 
it was blocked by the MoinMaster blocklist entry "\.uni\.cc".


I think it is a legitimate url so I tried to unblock it.  
I put into my Site.Blocklist:


(I had to disable the Blocklist functionality in my 
farmconfig.php while saving this to my Site.Blocklist)

It did not unnblock.  I also tried to use this:


It did not unblock. 

I looked at the scripts/blocklist.php and I think maybe
the order in which blocklists are applied might not be correct.
I think the blocklists should be processed in this order:

   downloaded blocklists (MoinMoin, Chongqed, PmWiki)
   Site.Blocklist-Farm   (farm wide wikis)
   Site.Blocklist        (local wiki)

I think in scripts/blocklist.php the array_merge puts them 
in the wrong order.


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