[pmwiki-users] Standalone Problems solved.

G H gegohouse at gmx.net
Mon Oct 16 19:47:48 CDT 2006

Hello all,

first of all - thx for all the fast and good advice. Well, what should
I say - it worked. There was a server running on port 80 with a
program I have to use so changing the port was the key.

This is what I did - perhaps it helps someone:


1. Installed PMwiki and /server as requested
2. Changed port to :81 (localhost:81)
3. Put pmwikiserv.bat in the Autostart, so it is started with laptop
4. Started using the wiki - thx again !



Monday, October 16, 2006, 11:20:10 AM, you wrote:

> As for standalone on WinXP on my notebook it runs fine.
> The folder "server" is in the same root folder as other folders like 
> "wiki.d", "local" ...
> In that root folder I have the file "index.php" with only 1 line without
> CRLF which is
> <?php include('pmwiki.php');
> On my desktop I have a shortcut to ...\server\pmwikiserv.bat which is in
> the "server" folder with an option run minimized.
> After starting that bat file the URL for my browser is
> http://localhost/wiki
> which runs without any problem.

> As for Abyss the PmWiki folders should be placed in "htdocs" for example
> .../htdoc/pmwiki/...
> You can run it using http://localhost/pmwiki/pmwiki.php or better using
> index.php mentioned above (and set in Abyss configuration) use URL 
> http://localhost/pmwiki

> Hope it helps,
> Jiri

> G H napsal(a):
>> Novice user here. While browsing I found PMwiki and wanted to
>> implement my personal notebook with it on my local pc.
>> I am using a laptop with Win XP Pro Service Pack 2. This is what I
>> did:
>> 1. 2 HDDs - I installed in D:\wiki\
>> 2. downloaded server.zip from Cookbook\Standalone and executed it
>> 3. tried to run it, didn't work ( http:\\localhost\wiki\ )
>> 4. tried to provide the install dir manually in pmwikiserv.bat and
>> pmwikiserv.php but it didnt work. I tried it with and without a final
>> \ after the dir and there were two reactions:
>> When written with a \ at the end (D:\wiki\) a dos windows flashed for
>> a sec and my PC told me to "Echo off" (hope this is not his way of
>> saying f*** yo

>> ...
>> Alternative:
>> So I tried an alternative by installing Abyss Webserver X1 with php 5.
>> Works fine but I do not have the knowledge on how to get to my wiki.
>> Opening php files with dreamweaver does not seem to be the way...
>> So far so bad - anyone here to suggest something to get this thing
>> startig on my laptop ?
> ...

Best regards,
 G                            mailto:gegohouse at gmx.net

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