[pmwiki-users] Standalone Problems

OBUTEX / Hladůvka admin at obutex.com
Mon Oct 16 04:20:10 CDT 2006

As for standalone on WinXP on my notebook it runs fine.
The folder "server" is in the same root folder as other folders like 
"wiki.d", "local" ...
In that root folder I have the file "index.php" with only 1 line without 
CRLF which is
<?php include('pmwiki.php');
On my desktop I have a shortcut to ...\server\pmwikiserv.bat which is in 
the "server" folder with an option run minimized.
After starting that bat file the URL for my browser is
which runs without any problem.

As for Abyss the PmWiki folders should be placed in "htdocs" for example 
You can run it using http://localhost/pmwiki/pmwiki.php or better using 
index.php mentioned above (and set in Abyss configuration) use URL 

Hope it helps,

G H napsal(a):
> Novice user here. While browsing I found PMwiki and wanted to
> implement my personal notebook with it on my local pc.
> I am using a laptop with Win XP Pro Service Pack 2. This is what I
> did:
> 1. 2 HDDs - I installed in D:\wiki\
> 2. downloaded server.zip from Cookbook\Standalone and executed it
> 3. tried to run it, didn't work ( http:\\localhost\wiki\ )
> 4. tried to provide the install dir manually in pmwikiserv.bat and
> pmwikiserv.php but it didnt work. I tried it with and without a final
> \ after the dir and there were two reactions:
> When written with a \ at the end (D:\wiki\) a dos windows flashed for
> a sec and my PC told me to "Echo off" (hope this is not his way of
> saying f*** yo

> ...
> Alternative:
> So I tried an alternative by installing Abyss Webserver X1 with php 5.
> Works fine but I do not have the knowledge on how to get to my wiki.
> Opening php files with dreamweaver does not seem to be the way...
> So far so bad - anyone here to suggest something to get this thing
> startig on my laptop ?

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