[pmwiki-users] search crash

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Oct 16 11:20:51 CDT 2006

On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 09:27:57AM +0200, Olivier Citeau wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I have setup a stabndard pmwiki, but search engine crash :
>    Fatal error: fopen(wiki.d/PmWikiFr.NotificationParCourriel)
>    [<a href='function.fopen'>function.fopen</a>]: failed to open stream: No
>    such file or directory in /mnt/100/sdb/0/c/ociteau/pbwiki/pmwiki.php on
>    line 693
>    The error belongs to read method of class PageStore :
>        if ($pagefile && ($fp=@fopen($pagefile, "r"))) {
>    Any clue on this error ?
>    Url of wiki is : http://ociteau.free.fr/pbwiki/

Other people have had a similar problem to this -- I suspect
it's a bug in PHP.  Your site reports that it's using
"PHP/4.4.3-dev", and someone else reported the exact same
problem using this version of PHP -- see


Either that or it's a problem with running out of memory...
but I doubt that.

Could you set $EnableDiag = 1; on the site, and we could check
some of the settings a bit more closely?


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