[pmwiki-users] Spam, delete, and actions

Simon s-i-m-o-n at paradise.net.nz
Mon Oct 16 04:38:59 CDT 2006

I am having several spam issues that are difficult to deal with with the existing blocklist.

These are
* the 'polite' spammer who replaces a page with "good job" or similar.
* pages being deleted
* pages being replaced by spaces
* pages being replaced or having nonsense strings added, eg "fgdhfgs kfgjit bxcgsfa"
* creating pages with different case, or changing recent changes pages

It seems to me it would be helpful if
* the delete method of removing a page could be disabled, and action=delete provided which
could then be password protected
* i could prevent or password protect replacing the page with spaces
* replacing an entire page with different content could be prevented or password protected
* blocking authors on the blocklist page (rather than in config.php)
is there a means of recovering pages that are delted (perhaps with password protection)
from the wiki rather than having to rename in the filesystem?

any suggestions would be most welcome


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