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Boris Schwarz boris.schwarz at inode.at
Sat Oct 14 18:16:58 CDT 2006

Hi, I am trying to configure authentication in the following way.
Create three groups: Admin, Managment, Staff, 
-The admin group will have one user who is allowed to due everything on alle
pages and wikigroups > For example edit read upload in mgt.hompage,
main.homepage, whatever.homepage
-The management group will be allowed similar to the admin group to nearly
do everything except edit whatever.hompage
-The staff group will be able only to read and edit main.homepage. To read
or edit mgt.hompeage and whatever.hompage is not allowed.
Is this authentication setup possible either with authuser or userauth, from
what i tried or gathered on infromation with both methods its not clear to
me that it will work.
Could someone put some light on this for me.
Thank you
Boris Schwarz
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