[pmwiki-users] wikilink question

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Thu Oct 12 09:30:22 CDT 2006

hi pm hi list

I have troubles to make correct links.   If I make a wikilink in the form 
[[PageName]] pmwiki makes a link to pagename only if there is NO group with 
the same name. If there is a group name  with the same name as the pagename 
then pmwiki makes a link to the mainpage of the other group.

In my case this is a unwanted behavior cause I have groups with a sidebar that 
links in every group to pages with the same name and many times there exists 
links with the same names as other groups have.

Is there a way to configure that? Thanks for any hints

Groups: Group1, Group2, Group3, ........

Sidebar (same page in all groups): 
* Topic1
* Topic2
* Topic3

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