[pmwiki-users] automatically adding users to groups

elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au
Tue Oct 10 01:10:26 CDT 2006

Hi all

I have the following control structure on my wiki

     site level edit password  - set as a groupName#1
          group level passwords for some groups - set as groupName#2
               page level passwords OR '@nopass' for some pages -  set as
groupName#3 or '@nopass'

I have AuthUser running from the Site.AuthUser page at the moment but want
to move to a slightly more user friendly (and safer) interface as the
number of people using the wiki is increasing and the audience is starting
to include those who are 'not so confident around computers'.

What can I use to do the following:

   allow user to create (and preferable manage) their own account
   automatically add users to groupName#1 so they can instantly start
   creating/updating content
   enable admin to manage groups and users without having to fiddle with
   .htpasswd or config files or the Site.AuthUser page directly?

Thanks in advance


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