[pmwiki-users] Rethinking passwords and authorization

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Mon Oct 9 17:14:04 CDT 2006

On Oct 9, 2006, at 5:29 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Just for background:  I think we need to be able specify
> authorization based on (1) knowledge of a password, (2) authenticated
> identity (userid), and/or (3) membership in a group.  It would also be
> nice to have a way to revoke access based on userid or group
> membership (e.g., "everyone in this group except XYZ").

"Bob Barker" "multi word password"

I think this is a big mistake.

When you have "alice" and "password" how does pmwiki know that alice  
is a user and password is a user's password?

I would think you need a delimiter for passwords or users just as you  
have for groups.

- is to subtract.
@group is a group

the first character method seems to work, it's easy to regex or not,  

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