[pmwiki-users] RFC -- POP3 to PmWiki

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Thu Oct 5 05:09:10 CDT 2006

On Oct 4, 2006, at 10:32 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>> 4) I am trying to get people to jointly edit pages, not just bottom
>> post to a page - for that I could use a bulletin board
> Valid point.  In 2004 we originally thought of the mail-to-wiki
> gateway because there was a lot of useful information on the
> mailing list that wasn't finding its way onto the pmwiki.org site.
> Having the gateway would make it easy for people (especially me)
> to just say "throw this content up there -- someone can come back
> and reformat it later".

Or people can peruse their own sent-mail archives and do the same for  
a variety of reasons.

Say I send an announcement to one of my mailing lists -- Big Event  
Coming!!  Mark your calendar!

And I want an announcement page on the wiki.  I could BCC my wiki.

I don't want to require the start/end tags.  That would have to be  
optional.  Sometimes I just want the whole body of the message AND I  
don't want to have to go back and re-edit, or explain to other users  
that *I* have the magical ability to do this and haven't passed it  
along to them. nya!

I see email->wiki as a limited tool, but a feature that would be  
great to support for those of us who would find it useful.  I really  
DON'T think it's meant to be a public or general use tool.  It would  
be too easy to abuse.  BUT I am willing to try to make hooks for  
different items.

You can write your end of the wiki app in Perl6, what does that have  
to do with how the RECEIVING wiki processes the email.

If we make one plug-in portion for any wiki that wants to receive the  
email info via HTTP -- it has to be php. -- or wiki code.  We would  
send the same HTTP/POST requests to the receiving wiki(s) -- we'd  
only be changing the origin of the HTTP/POST and agreeing on the same  
formats and markup for the emails, to create a common API.  You can  
program your email-to-external-wikis code in Perl6, I'd be developing  
mine in PHP, and both can use HTTP/POST requests to get the job done.

If I can find a curl-like plug-in that doesn't require libcurl.  And  
they probably exist.

How were you thinking the wiki on the receiving end should behave?   
How would your HTTP/POST request authenticate and deliver info to the  
receiving wiki without an API of sorts on the other end?

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