[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.2.0-beta9 release (bugfix, pagevar filters in pagelists)

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Oct 2 11:50:38 CDT 2006

On 10/2/06, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> !!Simile search page titles for "mice"
> (:pagelist group=Simile $Title=*mice*:)
> Only the natural PmWiki search (the third one) works.  I didn't expect the
> other two to yet, but it was worth looking to see.
> So, Caveman -- I'm going to need the translation from the current FASTData
> data page to a PmWiki natural page.  (from Work="Of Mice and Men" to Work:Of
> Mice and Men )

I've been updating the data recipe since I've gotten home, but it will
take a few days as it is going through some major improvements and
simplifications.  But to make that change you should have to change
just two parts (only one unless you are using Data to read also).  I
haven't decided personally how I want to deal with this in the
recipe...  The lines to change are:

$data .= "$v=\"$vv\" \n\n";   to  $data .= "$v:$vv \n\n";  (in the
savedata function)


$v = explode ("=", $value);  change to ":"  (in the data markup at the bottom)
$v[1] = substr($v[1],1,-1);  get rid of substring which strips quotes.

Or you can use the pattern that Pm put up that will use the existing
format, so it works with the existing data storage format.

> PM -- I'm also going to need some way to look at the data in one group and
> return the corresponding page in another group:

There is supposed to be a basegroup variable coming out, that should
solve this problem.  Another option would be the suggested method of
sending a variable into the pagelist. See also pagelistextension
recipe. However, if all your pages are in one group, you can hardcode
the group in the pagelist template (as you noted) by doing something


I use this in many places on my site and it works with the existing
PmWiki code as long as you don't have multiple groups you are

I'm toying with an option to hide the actual data on the same page as
the display page.  I'm considering saving the data and log under a
(:if false:) markup, and then preserve any current markup/text on the
top of the page when the data or log is saved.  In this way the page
can pull data from itself without having to display the data unless
you edit the page.  This has many benefits, one of which is that
searching/pagelists automatically links to the right page!  There are
a couple problems but I have plans that should work around them.


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