[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.2.0-beta9 release (bugfix, pagevar filters in pagelists)

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Mon Oct 2 10:32:27 CDT 2006

On Oct 2, 2006, at 7:06 AM, The Editor wrote:

> On 10/2/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
>>     (:pagelist $Title=*alpha* fmt=#title:)
>>     (:pagelist $Title=a* fmt=#title:)
>>     (:pagelist $:State=TX :)
>>     (:pagelist $:State=CA,TX,AK :)
> This feature is wonderful Pm!  Splendid.  Thanks for all your hard
> work.  This will be especially useful when you can pass values into
> the pagelist template so you could specify which state to check, or
> which letter of the alphabet.  This saves you from having to have a
> pagelist template for each state or letter.
> You mentioned you might try to add this in somewhere in this round of
> beta's.  I hope it is an easy capability to add.  Martin's
> PagelistExtension recipe already does this, but I haven't checked to
> see if it would work yet with the new code.  I'm hoping it will move
> into core.

Ok --

FASTData has formatted my Simile-Data group as

Work="Of Mice and Men"

I use the data to produce pages like:
but everything on the page right now is formed through GroupHeader  
and GroupFooter

I set up some sample searches on:


!!Simile group search for $:Work contains "mice"
(:pagelist group=Simile $:Work=*mice*:)
!!Simile-Data - search for $:Work contains "mice"
(:pagelist group=Simile-Data $:Work=*mice*:)
!!Simile search page titles for "mice"
(:pagelist group=Simile $Title=*mice*:)

Only the natural PmWiki search (the third one) works.  I didn't  
expect the other two to yet, but it was worth looking to see.

So, Caveman -- I'm going to need the translation from the current  
FASTData data page to a PmWiki natural page.  (from Work="Of Mice and  
Men" to Work:Of Mice and Men )

PM -- I'm also going to need some way to look at the data in one  
group and return the corresponding page in another group:

Very important -- for compatibility with storing data on other pages,  
which many recipes may be using.  there may be a way to do this with  
a custom #fmt but I haven't figured it out yet :/
(:pagelist $:Work=*mice* source=Data-Simile.* return=Simile.$Name:)
In this case I can hard-code the source and return groups, but people  
may eventually need that to be dynamic. :/

Less important:
Return the list, group by authors (list only one per author), point  
to the category pages "Author_AuthorsName".
(:pagelist $:Work=*mice* source=Data-Simile.* return=Category.Author_ 
$:WAuthor :)

Does this make sense?

Also is there a way to group the responses by a data field?  Or have  
it list a unique datafield?

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