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Mon Oct 2 10:17:29 CDT 2006

IchBin wrote:
> Mark Trumpold wrote:
>> Thanks Pico
>> On 1/10/06 4:18 PM, "Pico" <pmwiki at ben-amotz.com> wrote:
>>> Pm
>>> - - - -
>>> Pico
> Sorry Mark and Pico. By my action it was not my intent to rub your nose 
> in it Mark. After reordering it I just was not 100% sure how to answer 
> this thread but knew that admin takes precedence over all else.
> It just seemed confusing to read. I felt from past experience that in 
> six months to years from now when searching threads, ala google groups, 
> it would be hard to understand the flow. I should have just dropped it 
> and let it go.
> I am new to this newsgroup but conditioned by the years of the obsessive 
> compulsive behaviors of the programming newsgroups. Hence my response. 
> Guess I should use thread.gmane.org for searching newsgroup archives.
> Pico, thank you for pointing me to pm's netiquette expectations for his 
> newsgroup. It will not happen again and will remember to conform to this 
> particular newsgroup's netiquette.

FWIW, after I pressed send I felt that I might have been making too much 
of this; that maybe I was rubbing your nose in it as well.  After 
reading your response, I felt uncomfortable that I may have also come 
off as the netiquette police for Pm, rather than as just a person who 
really values what we seem to have here on this list.

My hope is that the environment on this list will flourish not because 
it is Pm's list and he gets to dictate the rules, but because Pm and 
others on this list seem to be be really decent people who care about 
how they interact with eachother and the result has a bit of a snowball 
effect.  Others have stood up for me on this list like I stood up for 
Mark and the point is less about what we stood up against than what we 
stood up for: tolerance.  The point off doing that was to make Mark, and 
others, including you, IchBin, comfortable when you are posting here. 
We all make mistakes and I like to claim credit for some real big ones.

So, thank you, IchBin, for your thoughful reply.



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