[pmwiki-users] Problems Uploading

Steve Rowe think1blue at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 11:46:57 CDT 2006

Here's what I posted yesterday:

I used to be able to Attach: pictures and upload them
succesfully.  Now it hangs when I try to do the upload
function.  I just upgraded to 2.1.6, but perhaps I did
something else to mess this up?

Today I commented out everything in my config.php
regarding uploading excpet this:

$EnableUpload = 1;
$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = crypt('quick');

I have a sandbox page that has an Attach command:


Yet, when I try to upload it asks me for the password
and then when I hit enter it hangs.  I was able to
upload under 2.1.5.  Has anybody experienced this
problem under 2.1.6?  Did I lose something else when I
copied the PmWiki files into the directories?  I have
not tried to back everything out yet to 2.1.5, but I
guess that has to be my next step...?

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