[pmwiki-users] HTTP Authentication and use of login name

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon May 22 16:46:11 CDT 2006

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 12:41:22PM -0700, Hartl, Bob wrote:
> Patrick,
> The httpauth.php script works nicely, thanks.  I would however like to
> display the "author name" not login name in the AUTHOR field.  Is this
> possible when using HTTP authentication in PmWiki?  Two approaches seem
> possible to me.

The login name is simply displayed by default in the "Author"
field--an author can change the value to be something else (and that
is the value remembered for future sessions as long as cookies are

> Is it possible to grab a "display name" variable -- or "first name" and
> "last name" variables -- instead of the REMOTE_USER variable?  Is there
> such a server variable(s) to grab?

There aren't such server variables to grab.

> 2) Would the storedauthname.php script work with "http authentication?"
> From the documentation it appears that it's meant to work specifically
> with "AuthUser"

It might -- I haven't tried it.

> Would a possible approach be to use LDAP to grab the display name (i.e.
> author name) from the login name?  I can't however do an anonymous bind
> to my LDAP server -- but I have credentials with which to make a
> non-anonymous request.

Sure, that would be possible; it isn't even difficult.  It might even
be worth a change to the core to support this automatically.


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> Hello Patrick,
> I do not have httpauth.php in my config.php -- this must be what I'm
> missing -- thanks!  I just read the documentation that says PmWiki 2
> uses sesson-based authentication by default.
> The documentation describes http authentication as HTTP-Basic
> authentication.  My pmwiki website is using "basic authentication"
> (anonymous is disabled).  I'm using "basic authentication" for testing
> -- but my real goal is to use "integrated windows authentication" as I
> have a Windows domain environment.  Can I expect that PmWiki's http
> authentication will work for "integrated windows authentication" as well
> as "basic authentication?"  Perhaps I'll find out the answer to this
> when I test it.
> Thanks again!
> Bob Hartl
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> On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 03:12:44PM -0700, Hartl, Bob wrote:
> > I'm a new user of PmWiki.  I installed PmWiki on Windows using ISAPI. 
> > So far so good!  I'm using HTTP authentication and I've had success in
> > getting the authenticated login name from REMOTE_USER -- i.e. PmWiki 
> > fills the Author field with this login name.  (I followed advice in 
> > Cookbook:RequireAuthor, section HTTP authentication.)
> >
> > I have a WikiGroup, for which I have restricted editing to selected 
> > login names (as they appear using REMOTE_USER).  My hope is that if 
> > the user's login name is one of those permitted-to-edit login names, 
> > then the user is able to immediately edit (without any intervening
> login form
> > from PmWiki).   But I am getting the login form (username and
> password).
> > It seems like I should be able to do this.  Am I missing something 
> > easy?
> How do you have your site configured for HTTP authentication -- are you
> using the httpauth.php script in your config.php?
> With what you've described, I don't think that an author should be
> getting the password prompt after being logged in.  But I'd need to know
> a few more details of the setup first.
> Pm
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