[pmwiki-users] HTTP Authentication and use of login name

Hartl, Bob hartl.r at ghc.org
Mon May 22 14:41:22 CDT 2006


The httpauth.php script works nicely, thanks.  I would however like to
display the "author name" not login name in the AUTHOR field.  Is this
possible when using HTTP authentication in PmWiki?  Two approaches seem
possible to me.

1) I've used this statement in my config.php:
...but this of course uses the login name not author name.

Is it possible to grab a "display name" variable -- or "first name" and
"last name" variables -- instead of the REMOTE_USER variable?  Is there
such a server variable(s) to grab?

2) Would the storedauthname.php script work with "http authentication?"
>From the documentation it appears that it's meant to work specifically
with "AuthUser"

What's my best approach?  I don't mind doing a 'little' custom
programming -- although I'm a ASP/VBScript (not PHP) guy.

Would a possible approach be to use LDAP to grab the display name (i.e.
author name) from the login name?  I can't however do an anonymous bind
to my LDAP server -- but I have credentials with which to make a
non-anonymous request.

Bob Hartl

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Hello Patrick,
I do not have httpauth.php in my config.php -- this must be what I'm
missing -- thanks!  I just read the documentation that says PmWiki 2
uses sesson-based authentication by default.
The documentation describes http authentication as HTTP-Basic
authentication.  My pmwiki website is using "basic authentication"
(anonymous is disabled).  I'm using "basic authentication" for testing
-- but my real goal is to use "integrated windows authentication" as I
have a Windows domain environment.  Can I expect that PmWiki's http
authentication will work for "integrated windows authentication" as well
as "basic authentication?"  Perhaps I'll find out the answer to this
when I test it.
Thanks again!
Bob Hartl


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On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 03:12:44PM -0700, Hartl, Bob wrote:
> I'm a new user of PmWiki.  I installed PmWiki on Windows using ISAPI. 
> So far so good!  I'm using HTTP authentication and I've had success in

> getting the authenticated login name from REMOTE_USER -- i.e. PmWiki 
> fills the Author field with this login name.  (I followed advice in 
> Cookbook:RequireAuthor, section HTTP authentication.)
> I have a WikiGroup, for which I have restricted editing to selected 
> login names (as they appear using REMOTE_USER).  My hope is that if 
> the user's login name is one of those permitted-to-edit login names, 
> then the user is able to immediately edit (without any intervening
login form
> from PmWiki).   But I am getting the login form (username and
> It seems like I should be able to do this.  Am I missing something 
> easy?

How do you have your site configured for HTTP authentication -- are you
using the httpauth.php script in your config.php?

With what you've described, I don't think that an author should be
getting the password prompt after being logged in.  But I'd need to know
a few more details of the setup first.


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