[pmwiki-users] editing pmwiki pages

Erich Hoffmann erichhoffmann at gmx.de
Sun May 21 10:22:20 CDT 2006

Hello all.

Using pmwiki for some projects of my own on a local machine (mandriva
linux 2006) I'm very happy with it.

   Hope I can express what I have in mind. - When editing a page, the
editor of the browser starts.  But this editor has no macro programming
at all, no search&replace etc etc and as I am used to emacs and vim I
miss that a lot.  I know that there is a pmwiki-mode for emacs, but
with this mode I still have to open the source code file in wiki.d.
But in this file the line breaks aren't visible (as character %0a, yes,
but not as a real line break).

   What I'd like to have or to implement is a function that starts
an external editor when I edit a page in the browser.  My present
out-of-the-box solution is the system clipboard, I start vim (or
emacs), cut the contents of the file with <CTRL-A><CTRL-X> into the
system clipboard, and from here I paste it into vim using '+' register
(M-x clipboard-yank in emacs).  After the job I just insert it back,
wrote a handful of macros for this purpose.  Even so I am _much_
quicker and more elegant than with the editor of the browser.

   But the best solution were that the external editor is started when I
open the page editing, after the model of kmail perhaps...I tried to
find a temp-file that is created, but with no success, and googeling
and perusing the pmwiki-pages didn't say anything.

Is there a solution, or what can I do to make a solution myself?

Thanks in advance,


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