[pmwiki-users] [ANN] Logbook v 0.6

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Sun May 21 03:28:25 CDT 2006

This is just a bug fix. My calendar display was not dealing very well 
with week starting on Sunday not displaying the last day of the month it 
is was the only day of a week line. You guessed and I confess it is poor 
boundary testing on my behalf.

You can find everything http://www.3kwa.com/Tutorial/Logbook.

Logbook is (USE TO BE) a very simple calendar display feature for 
sidebars that grew trickier to manage when I added AJAX support (but it 
got spunkier and trendier ... the holy grail of web 2.0 :D).

For those of us who like to use PmWiki as a wiki+blog=bliki it still 
does a superb job (especially with the bug fix)!

My plan for release 0.7 is to make it simple again (or at least try).

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