[pmwiki-users] splash-screen

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Fri May 19 10:48:01 CDT 2006

Client wants visitors, on arrival, to first encounter a page with a
big-old, full-screen image, which they click to continue on to the
site's Main/HomePage.

Don't want to replace Main/HomePage with this thing, since we don't
want them to have to look at it every time they return to the

Here's what I'm thinking would work, and that I might actually be able
to figure out how to do (this is right at the present limits of my
knowlege and ability):

1) install cookbook/skinchange.php
2) in config.php, put:

$Skin = 'splashskin'; #make splash the default for the site

$PageSkinList = array(
   'normalskin' => 'normalskin',
   'splashskin' => 'splashskin');

3) create the .tmpl and .css files for the "splashskin".
4) use html to cause this skin to display the client's splash.jpg
thinger, as the image part of
the link
<a href=http://sitename.com/Main/HomePage?setskin=normalskin>img=splash.jpg</a>

So on arrival the user goes to Main/HomePage as usual, but only sees
the image displayed by the default splashskin view, then clicks and
sees the real, wiki content of Main/HomePage in normalskin view.

Would that work, or would the real, wiki content of Main/HomePage be
visible on arrival, or other problem with it?  Thanks!


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