[pmwiki-users] History/trace of the pages already seen

Américo Albuquerque aalbuquerque at lanowar.sytes.net
Fri May 19 10:20:52 CDT 2006

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Subject: Re: [pmwiki-users] History/trace of the pages already seen
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 12:56:44 +0200
From: christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com

 > Is this list of pages unique to the person browsing it?
Yes it is. And is also unique to the php session. That means if you 
logout you'll have a new list. That happens because PmWiki cleans the 
$_SESSION variable in the logout function. Doing so, it resets the page 
list and the current page is set on a empty array.

 > Where (how) do you get the list of last visited pages to show up?
For every call of the markup the $pagename variable is saved on an array 
in a session variable. The markup is then replaced by a list of all 
pages saved on that variable.

 > (I haven't tried the recipe, but (:tracetrails:) only seem to control
 > wether a page should be remembered, not if it should be shown.)
Actually it does both. The markup says if a page is remembered and shows 
the list. I can add a new markup to just show the list or to just mark 
the page to be saved if that is needed

Americo Albuquerque

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