[pmwiki-users] Help needed to debug a pmwiki issue (unable to save long wiki pages)

Ivan Teliatnikov ivan at geosci.usyd.edu.au
Sun May 14 18:49:10 CDT 2006

Hi, everyone.

This is my second attempt to get some advice.

I have a couple of large WikiPage which I am not longer able to save.
This happen after I upgraded my pmwiki to  pmwiki-2.1.5 running on
Debian Sarge with Apache2.

How can debug this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Ivan Teliatnikov
F09 Madsen Bld.
School of Geosciences,
University of Sydney
phone:  +612 9351 2031 
mobile: +614 02 173 179
fax:    +612 9351 3644
e-mail:ivan at geosci.usyd.edu.au

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