[pmwiki-users] Can PmWiki do this?

J. Meijer commentgg at hotmail.com
Sat May 13 07:57:38 CDT 2006

>From: "Allister Jenks" <arj at zkarj.co.nz>
>On 5/13/06, J. Meijer <commentgg at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>What will your interface be like? What will your green users see?
>>I suspect they'll probably have to start by filling out the data through a
>>form-type interface?
>It's basically the Wiki concept, but with the structured data a
>mandatory part of the page.  Well, I mean it is mandatory that the
>fields are there.  Some will be mandatory fill, others optional.
>I still need to get a handle on what categories do - they're not
>something I have played with yet.

The current autoform implementation requires something this on a page:

  (:cut data:)
  College: Junk Yard High
  Name: Allister
  Age: ?
  (:end data:)

Then the groupheader contains something like this:

  (:autoform data DataTemplate.Person:)

Which refers to page DataTemplate.Person which might contain:

  Name: ? ()
  Age: ? (12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20)
  College: ?

Which instruct autoform to combine this data with the page-data above and 
render like this:

  Name: Allister
  Age: |select..|
  [[College/College]]: [[College/Junk Yard High]]

Note that the order of the text follows the template. The |select..| denotes 
a combobox with ages 12..20 for the user to select.

So any data available is filled in and does no longer prompt any boxes. The 
user can always edit the data from the (:cut data:) clip, allowing him/her 
to update manually. The user can also add text to the page as usual.

This does not specify the mandatory part. It is in fact a very much the 
wikiway of doing things. How do you want the mandatory part to work?

Categories are nothing special. They are the list of pages that share a 
common marker present on each of them. Typically this marker is a link to a 
page in the Category group, with this page showing this list. The pagelist 
markup required can be placed in Category.GroupFooter, so the actual 
category pages don't even have to exist.


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