[pmwiki-users] A couple of wiki questions

David Goadby dg at pixel-plus.co.uk
Sat May 13 04:58:48 CDT 2006


 I am currently using an old version of pmwiki (1.0.011). I use it for a
couple of intranet sites and an external site.

 The external site is plagued with spam to the point where I am going to
it down until I can tighten up the site. It is so bad that the traffic is
starting to affect my webhosting bandwidth. I am going to upgrade to the
latest pmwiki and I know there will be difficulties as my wiki is so old but
I will work through it one way or another.

 My first question is: can I password protect the whole wiki for
If yes, then I propose to publish the current password on the home page in
some obfuscated form such as the wobbly graphic image (how do they do
that?). The basic premise is that the spamming software will be blocked by
the password requirement but my regular users will be able to gain access. I
may even add the password at the prompt so they are not inconvenienced. Any
problems with this approach?

 My second question is subtle. I want to use wiki pages as a simple CMS
system as part of a website. Ideally I want to insert the wiki pages in a
frame but I don't want a visible menu of options for these pages. Possibly a
small admin option at the bottom would be ok for updates. Can I do this?

 Although I am a Pmwiki user I have never delved very far into the
In fact, it is a testament to Pmwiki that you can load-and-go - well done!



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