[pmwiki-users] Can PmWiki do this?

Allister Jenks arj at zkarj.co.nz
Fri May 12 23:02:36 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm using PmWiki for one personal, one community and one commercial
site and I have no intention of looking at anything else for those
sites.  PmWiki is almost perfect for all three of them.  However now I
have another project I would like to get off the ground.  It's only
been sitting in the back of my mind for about 20 years, so no rush.

Here are the criteria for the new site:

1) Each user to have password restricted access to their own 'area' -
which will be self contained.
2) Each area to consist of (a few) standard page types.
3) Page types to have mandatory structured data (a small amount) and
large amount of freeform (styled text and pictures and links).
Structured data depends on page type.

Nice to have:
4) Skinnable per user or per area.

Now obviously PmWiki can do #1 and #4 with ease, and probably #2 with
a little work.  But the crunch is #3.  Some of the structured data
will point to other pages in the area. Some will just be discrete

I will be expecting 'green' users to use the system and therefore I
need the structured part to be rock-solid and self-maintaining.  I
strongly suspect it will involve templates and custom markups but I'm
interested in others' views on how PmWiki could cope with this,
including whether Groups or Farms would be the right way to go.


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