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Pierre-Marie Carette carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Thu May 11 14:04:13 CDT 2006

In the page SitePageListTemplates, I can write :

(:include {=$FullName}#Anchor#Anchorend self=0:)

If I want another pagelist, I must write another templates....
How, if it is possble,  params the name of the anchor to be able to  

(:pagelist fmt=Site.PageListTemplates#includeAnchor anchor=name:)

I have already ask a similar question. Excuse me if I didn't see the  

I believe it's a mean to have a real wiki-content and wiki-meta- 
content. Actualy, a wiki page has
- meta content : version, agent, author, description, keywords...
- content :  text
This list is not wiki-free.

Perhaps a best mean would be possible with a direct/free definition  
of the structure of content in the config.php, the group.php...??

With such choice everybody could write :
(:metaname such such and such :)
In this case how would be possible to know the value of such meta for/ 
in another page ?

;-))  Please don't forget, I'm a user who doesn't know php and  
particularly the too abstract  php of PmWiki. My purpose, here  is to  
put the accent on a limit about wiki :
- already free the text of page but not yet free the meta-structure  
of the page....
- already free the include part of text but not yet  the meta-values  
of a page

;-)   Pmwiki is already the most wiki-use-powerful : ...one more  
step.... ;-)

Thanks for the job, and for read my poor english  ;-)

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