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Gary Spivey gspivey at georgefox.edu
Thu May 11 00:54:55 CDT 2006


> Can this even be done?  (embed an entire wiki INSIDE another web
(html) page?) Even in part?  Part meaning embed main pages and not menu.



PmWiki embeds just fine into my website. I disable the pmwiki menu and
use an html header and an html left column. In this column I use
phplayersmenu for a javascript menu and I have a login box for the
website (to handle authentication I wrote an externauth module that sits
on top of the normal pmwiki authorization schemes by checking for my
authentication first). The bottom of the page is an html footer. I also
have a right column in html (that is generally disabled) and the center
is pmwiki.


The center column file that is included is simply the following:

<div class="gfuwiki">


  if (file_exists("pmwiki.content")) {






where I have renamed pmwiki.php to pmwiki.content.


This worked just fine, but I also use the CleanURL recipe and that works
just fine as well.


I use the monobook skin and have it set up so that only authenticated
users can edit - and the tabs only show up if one is authenticated. A
visitor to my site doesn't see the wiki tabs and wouldn't know that it
was a wiki unless they knew what they were looking for.


Now - all of this said, it is something that evolved - I wanted to keep
the capability to embed other things in my html web page and so I opted
to use pmwiki embedded. This means that I get a javascript menu and give
up a user-editable menu - big deal. I have been so content with PmWiki
that, at this juncture, I think I could have done the whole website with
PmWiki itself. 


But, as it is embedded, I think I will leave it that way and keep my
options open.



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