[pmwiki-users] Problems/Warnings after implementing passwords in config.php...Solved

Andrew andrew at affordable-pc-service.com
Wed May 10 11:07:05 CDT 2006

     Thanks for taking a look at my situation.  Your email made me take 
a closer look at the path the warning was showing an the answer was 
right there.  I completely missed the fact that the 'tmp' directory need 
to be at the top level of the site, not in the fields or pmwiki's directory.

How it should be setup         How it was setup (produced the warnings)
--myRootDirectory              --myRootDirectory
   |---myFieldDirectory          |---myFieldDirectory
   |---pmwikiDirectory                |---tmp
   |---tmp                       |---pmwikiDirectory

Once the 'tmp' directory was setup and permissions granted it all worked 
like a charm!

Thanks much,

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