[pmwiki-users] Still on markup

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Fri May 5 05:19:03 CDT 2006

Marco, you could modify newpageboxplus.php to include another field
and split the Date entry from the blog title entry.
Have a look at newpageboxplus.php:
The function NewPageBox generates a standard box, so you need to add
another input field of kind
<input class='inputbox newpagetext' type='text' name='date'
value='{$opt['date']}' size=... >
and add to the $defaults array:
  'date' => '',

and then change the HandleNew function to process the date returned,
so it is combined with the name returned to give you a pagename with
both date and name combined. HandleNew is processing what the form

Perhaps a change to HandleNew like this (untested and may need
$name = @$_REQUEST['name'];
$date = @$_REQUEST['date'];
$name = $date."-".$name;

Sorry this is not  a full solution, just a hint where to start writing
your code.


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