[pmwiki-users] action=source question

Curtis, Clayton Clayton.Curtis at va.gov
Wed May 3 06:34:02 CDT 2006

Curtis, Clayton schrieb:
 > I looked at file types and
> found that php on misbehaving machines had been set up to open files
> Notepad. When I removed that, all worked fine. I have no idea why,
> the file should have been processed on the =server=, not the client.

Joachim Durcholz wrote:
> It's a well-known IE misbehaviour. Depending on exact version, file 
> size, and phase of the moon, it will sometimes decide to ignore the 
> headers that the server sent and infer what to do based on the
> You can get rid of this by eliminating the .php extension from the

Thanks!  In this case, I have no control over what is being sent back by
pmwiki for "action=source", and have no extension to eliminate....  But
at least removing the association fixed the problem.

Clayton Curtis

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