[pmwiki-users] Publish PDF version 2.0.3 released

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Fri Mar 31 20:55:33 CST 2006

The latest version of the Publish PDF library is at

See the release notes at

There are enough new features and bug fixes that 
current users will want to upgrade. We have also 
fixed a couple of bugs in the server side software. 
There is one known server bug (hanging indents used 
to work, but broke when we tried to improve them). 
We'll release a new PDF server version ASAP.
Existing server users should just need to update the
xsl file.

A big thank you to Krista who has been giving the
system some pretty heavy stress tests. This release
incorporates several of her suggestions and fixes.

And thanks to Nos for noting that 'Back to page' is
more meaningful than 'Cancel'. Sites that have edited
the Site.Wikipublisher and Site.WikipublisherError
pages will need to update their local versions. For 
an example, see

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.
John Rankin

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