[pmwiki-users] Calendar / Event list

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Mar 31 12:40:45 CST 2006

On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 07:29:58PM +0100, Hans wrote:
> 1. using (:if date {$Today}..:) in pagelist:
> !!!pagelist fmt=#futuredates
> [[#futuredates]]
> (:if date {$Today}..:)*[[{=$FullName}|+]](:if:)
> [[#futuredatesend]]
> {$Today} is page variable for today's date in form yyyy-mm-dd
> Can anyone shed any light on why the date conditional does not work
> inside pagelist? {(pagelist group=EventGroup fmt=#futuredates :)
> returns a list of all pages, disregarding the condition.
> Replacing {$Today} with 20060331 does have the same result.

(:if date {$Today}..:) will always return "true", because "today" 
is always included in the date range "today through the end of time".

> 2.
> Using conditonal extensions I had a little bit more success:
> !!!pagelist fmt=#futuredates2
> [[#futuredates2]]
> (:if ge {=$EventDate} {$Today2}:)*[[{=$FullName}|+]](:if:)
> [[#futuredates2end]]
> {$Today2} is a pagevariable returning today's date in format yyyymmdd,
> and {$EventDate} returns the pagename in format yyyymmdd.
> (:pagelist group=EventGroup fmt=#futuredates2 :) resulted in a list of
> event pages from today. But adding count=1 to get the next event did
> not have anything returned, nor did any other count=number.
> Why does count not work in these circumstances?
> Is count= restricted to certain conditions and can't be used in all
> cases?

The count= option is working fine -- the markup

    (:pagelist group=EventGroup count=1 fmt=#futuredates2 :)

gets only the first page from EventGroup and passes it to #futuredates2
for formatting.  If that one page doesn't meet the (:if:) criteria,
it's not displayed.

Put another way:  count= identifies the number of pages to be
sent to the formatting routine; the (:if:) markups in the
formatting routine don't have any effect on the count.


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