[pmwiki-users] Calendar / Event list

Thomas Lederer celok at gmx.net
Fri Mar 31 04:53:03 CST 2006

Hi all,

thank you very much for all your responses... still it seems to be a bit
of "overkill" (way to much) ;)

Maybe i should be a little more detailed.

I would like a page (one) to store the events. Having one page per event
seems to be huge unnecessary waste.

My requirements are: 	date	time	description (less than 10 words)

thats basically one line per event.

I thought maybe something like this:

||[[#t200604]]|| || ||
||[[#t20060401]]01.04.2006 ||20.00 || Pizzaeating ||
||[[#t20060404]]04.04.2006 ||      || Holiday     ||
||[[#t20060411]]11.04.2006 ||20.00 || Party-Time  ||
||[[#t20060419]]19.04.2006 ||15.00 || Teatime     ||
||[[#t200605]]|| || ||

My problem is, that i can't seem to get something like:

Next three events
(:include Eventpage date>=today lines=3:)
must not show past events, but can not be started with #t_today because
that might not exist.

Events in April
(:include Eventspage#t200604#t200605 :) works fine i think

Btw: the anchors have that "t" in it, because it seems that only
numerical don't work.

And that is why PmCal and wikicalender seem to be "way to much", because
i do not neet a nice calender image... and they can't offer the "next
events" either, can they? (not sure)

Best Regards,

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