[pmwiki-users] Removing edit restrictions from a group

Ajitabh Pandey ajitabhpandey at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 31 10:07:52 CST 2006


I have my website protected by default admin, edit and
attr passwords. For a particular group, I have the
following requirements:

(1.) Anybody can edit the page. Basically this is a
WikiForm, sort of question/answer between election
candidates and members of a group.

So in local/Elections.php group page, I have specified

##Adding support for WikiForms

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '';

This removes the edit restrictions from this group. I
can create any page, edit any page etc etc.

Is this the right way to remove the restrictions from
a group?

(2.) When people submit a form, they are taken to the
Wiki Edit page, how can we avoid that. We just want
the page to be created from the values supplied
through the form and the normal Edit button just

Ajitabh Pandey

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