[pmwiki-users] Question about the pmwiki editor and possibilities (advanced)

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Thu Mar 30 07:59:25 CST 2006

IMHO the point of wysiwyg less the general easy of use, cause for 
example it's much more "easy" to make unorderd list with a point at the 
beginning of a line than to mark the text and push a button , where I 
have to switch betwean keyboard and mouse.

But things like tables gets  easily  a nightmare if  they are consists 
of some columes and rows. This is the ting that I did see the most of 
the peaople strugeling, and the advantages of wysiwyg .

The point about customable of pmwiki is probably a point how to use it. 
If I use it as a wcms eg. to build websites I want as much customabitiy 
as possible. If  I set up an authoring portal for elearning content or 
manuals, so its best to have limmited  layout  capabilities, so a 
wysiwyg editor with a reduced set of layout cabibility would be just fine.

My expirience with children is, that they dont care about if wysiwyg ore 
wikitext. The important point is that it es easy understandable, say 
they can lern the system be try and error and not have to listen to long 
explanations, cause children learn most easy be exploaring. So to 
explain a 6 year old child how to use tablemarkup in wikitext isnt realy 
possible but the creaton of wysiwyg table editing is better, but still 
they need some time that they can savly  add remove cells . . .

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