[pmwiki-users] EditForm Weirdness

The Martins jnvm at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 28 21:57:27 CST 2006

Using: PMWiki 2.0.13
with: dropdown skin, userauth, simpleforum.

Anyway, in site.editform everything looks fine, but when I actually go to 
edit a page two weird things happen:

The included section of the form (see 
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/DropDownSkin?action=edit and I'm 
talking about the editing hints below save and all that) does not show up, 
nor do any includes work on that template. I can change other features, but 
includes don't work. I had not, in fact, touched site.editform at all. 
Every other feature works (saving, etc is fine). The second bit of 
weirdness is that the sidebar disappears, almost. It has no text and 
appears as a thin empty bar under the logo. All of the sidebar content that 
appears on the rest of the site is gone, but as you can see from the PMWiki 
site, the sidebar should appear normally upon editing.

OK, I'm probably not giving enough information here, because I don't know 
where to look. I've searched and tried changing various things with no 
luck. Any ideas where I should look? I have not changed pmwiki.php, I call 
it from an index.php as suggested.


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