[pmwiki-users] pmwiki broken under Apache 2.2/PHP 5.1.2

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Tue Mar 28 03:22:07 CST 2006

Joachim Durchholz wrote:
> Stirling Westrup schrieb:
>> If you look at the output from
>>    http://sti.pooq.com/rexpolo?action=phpinfo
>> you'll notice that
> ... the server is unreachable :-(

The server chose today to crash. No idea why. Just a line of NULLs in 
the log file. *sigh*

It was down for a few hours while I ran some diagnostics. Nothing was found.

> It's most definitely not deprecated.
> Hmm... looking at the output of my own site, I find it isn't listed, 
> either. However, activating it *did* make a difference, so it seems that 
> the PHP folks forgot to list it on the phpinfo() page. Drat.

Oh, okay.

> Try this:
> 1) Get the phpinfo output.
> 2) Change the cgi.fix_pathinfo setting.

What's the default? I've found it documented to both default on and 
default off. Its not even mentioned in my php.ini file.

> 3) Restart Apache (the settings won't take unless you do).
> 4) Open a new tab in the browser, and get the phpinfo output.
> 5) Quickly Ctrl-PageDown to alternate between the outputs. See where the 
> display flickers - that's the settings that have changed. (You'll 
> probably have to scroll down to see any differences; I'd expect the 
> first difference somewhere in the Environment section, which is several 
> pages down.)

Well, I may try this later, but my users did without PmWiki or webmail 
for several days this week, so I'm loathe to start playing with the 
settings again, now that it works.

>> In any case, I've gone back to mod_php for now, and everything is 
>> working again (it turns out that what I thought was a server bug was a 
>> firefox feature...)
> mod_php is fine if you're the only one to use the server. Or, more 
> precisely, if you trust all the PHP scripts that may be running. (You 
> can even deactivate safe_mode in that situation.)

True. Currently there is only a small number of trusted folks with 
access to the server, but that may well change in the future.

So, have you managed to get PmWiki to work with CleanURLs under FastCGI? 
 From what I can tell about the situation (PmWiki only using SCRIPT_URL, 
and cgi.fix_pathinfo only affecting PATH_INFO), cgi.fix_pathinfo 
shouldn't have any effect on the working of PmWiki, or is there 
something else I'm not understanding?

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