[pmwiki-users] Performance Comparisons page

Philip Stitt phil at octopusmusic.com
Fri Mar 24 16:11:26 CST 2006


I've added a "Performance Comparisons" page to pmwiki.org at:

The page is for comparing different administrators "setups" (OS, server,
recipes, etc), with improving the permance of your wiki installation in
mind. Might be helpful for isolating some of the reasons that certain
wikis seem slow at times, while others don't.  (I wasn't sure where to
put it, so a put it in the Cookbook - feel free to move it If there is
a better place for it.)


> > >  My PmWiki site (2.1.3 with some cookbook recipes) is hosted in a Server 
> > >  provided by my university (Nice University of France) and I have never 
> > >  experienced a slow down of my PmWiki site.
> > 
> > If some admins (like myself) are frequently having performance problems,
> > and other admins (like Jean) *never* have these problems, then I think a
> > list of comparisons might help in isolating the problem. If you are
> > running a wiki that is always fast, I'd like to know how you have your
> > system set up, perhaps I could replicate it. That was really what I had
> > in mind for a "performance" page - who's having problems, who's not, and
> > how do their set-ups compare - including server, OS, recipes, PHP
> > version, etc.
>  That would be great -- care to start?  Fill in the following
>  details... (include version numbers where appropriate):
>    OS:
>    Webserver:
>    PHP:
>    PmWiki:
>    RAM:
>  For pmwiki.org, the details are:
>     OS: Fedora Core 2, Linux 2.4.20 kernel (VPS environment)
>     Webserver: Apache 1.3.33 w/mod_auth_passthrough, mod_log_bytes, mod_bwlimited, mod_ssl
>     PHP: 4.3.11, Apache API
>     PmWiki: 2.1.3
>     RAM:  512MB 

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