[pmwiki-users] password question

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Mon Mar 27 11:14:15 CST 2006

I am *not* using AuthUser (and I cannot for many reasons) so I am 
using the built-in PmWiki password function to protect pages.

Is there markup that lets me test the action a "user" has performed?
For example, if they enter this URL:

... is there any way I can detect that they are editing? As in:
(:if action edit:) ????

Is there any way I can test the passwords they already have entered 
for a particular one? As in:
(:if passwords_include "zebra":) ????

If these do not exist, can I add config entries to create them? Use 
page variables? Help!!


Neil Herber
Corporate info at http://www.eton.ca/
Eton Systems, 15 Pinepoint Drive, Nepean, ON, Canada K2H 6B1
Tel: (613) 829-4668 

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