[pmwiki-users] new user - file upload help

V.Suraj vsuraj at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 27 10:53:10 CST 2006

I had installed pmwiki just today. The webserver and pmwiki
are in a linux machine and I access the wiki from a windows
pc on the local network.

I found two issues: 
1. I set $EnableUpload = 1;                       
and $DefaultPasswords['upload'] = crypt('secret');

Initially, when I tried to upload a file, pmwiki just kept
on asking the password again and again. 

2. Then I change the configuration as below:

This worked! But when I uploaded a 32kb xls file, the first
error was the file size was small. After successfully
uploading a smaller file (1kb), I found that I couldn't
open it. There was an error in opening the file.

Has anyone see this problem before?


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