[pmwiki-users] password prompt problems perplex people

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Mar 24 09:11:03 CST 2006

On site X, visitors are required to enter a read password to access 
the site.  If they later click on an edit link, they get a nice 
prompt for an edit password. But if they try to edit a page in the 
Site group, my prompt logic falls on its face.

At the top of Site.AuthForm I have:

(:if !auth read:)'''$[A password is required to read this page]'''
(:if [ auth read and !auth edit ] :)'''$[An edit password is required]'''
(:if [ auth read and auth edit ] :)'''$[This request requires an 
admin password]'''

*If the action they are performing requires an admin password and 
they only have a read password, they get a prompt for an edit password.
*The third line does not work as expected on the Site group, though 
it does seem to work on other groups. On the Site group it 
continuously displays "An edit password is required" when it actually 
requires an admin password.

I think this could be easier if I could test for the kind of password 
required for the requested action.


Neil Herber
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