[pmwiki-users] Advanced Tables Question

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Mar 23 09:37:24 CST 2006

On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 07:24:08AM -0800, Brooks Kelley wrote:
> It is a functionality that should be added to tables
> anyhow since it is part of the HTML library of tags
> that make tables more useful, even to those who are
> into CSS.

PmWikiPhilosophy #2 says "Don't try to replace HTML."  

PmWiki isn't trying to just create new markups for everything 
that HTML can do -- it just introduces common markups that
are (hopefully) easier for authors to read and write.

I wouldn't think of (:tablehead:), (:tableheadend:), etc.
as falling in this category -- they're a bit unnatural for
authors, and not used frequently enough to warrant their
own markup.  (For example, I've *never* used them or seen a
need for them.)

This is one of those cases where I'd suggest just enabling the
<table>, <th>, <td>, etc. tags directly (see Cookbook.EnableHTML),
or something like that.  Or, perhaps it's possible to enable just
<thead> and <tfoot> and leave the rest of the table markups alone.


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