[pmwiki-users] Advanced Tables Question

Brooks Kelley busy1 at kelleyhousehold.com
Thu Mar 23 09:24:08 CST 2006


I will look up the javascript cookbook recipe stuff
you mention, but I suspect it will not answer my need
and that I have already done a similar thing when I
added the markup for (:includefile sample.html:) to my
config.php file.

The simple solution is to add markup that allows me to
to extend an advanced table's functionality with the
following tags -- THEAD, TFOOT, TH, /TH, /TFOOT,

It is a functionality that should be added to tables
anyhow since it is part of the HTML library of tags
that make tables more useful, even to those who are
into CSS.

I might suggest (:tablehead:), (:tableheadend:),
(:tablefootend:),(:cellfoot:),(:cellhead:) -- [Please
note: THEAD uses TH as a tag and TFOOT uses TD as a
tag, so (:cellfoot:) and (:cell:) should have the same

I would do it myself, except I have yet to figure out
how the markup in stdmarkup.php parses
(:table:),(:cellnr:), and (:cell:) in the
AdvancedTables markup section.

I think that if I had a better understanding of Perl
RegEx, it would jump out right at me.

Adding the javascript I needed was trivial for me
using (:includefile sample.html:). 

The javascript I got, though, scans the THEAD section
of a table and uses it to create keys for sorting the
information in that table.

It is rather slick and I really would like to add it
to  the AzRepeaters.Net wiki.

If you go to...


you will see what I am talking about. 

And, if you go to my website, AzRepeaters.Net and look
at some of the repeater pages, I think you will
understand why I would love to add this functionality.

A La Prochaine,


--- The Editor <editor at fast.st> wrote:

> You can always use the enable javascript recipe if
> your normal users
> don't need to edit the page.  Makes these kind of
> things extremely
> easy to import.
> Cheers
> Caveman

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