[pmwiki-users] making page variables (was: Re: tweaking the operation of Site.AuthForm)

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Wed Mar 22 19:21:20 CST 2006

At 2006-03-22  10:06 PM +0000, Hans is rumored to have said:
> > I want to write: It was (:time:) in  Ottawa when you requested this
> > page. Refresh the page to see the current time.
>Well there isn't, but we can easily create one:
># adds pagevariable {$Time} of format HH:MM:SS, 24 hour clock.
>$FmtPV['$Time'] = 'strftime("%H:%M:%S", time() )';
>If you want a different format change it inside the strftime function,
>see http://uk.php.net/strftime

Once again, thanks Hans!

I eventually put this in farmconfig:

# Create a page variable called Now
$FmtPV['$Now'] = 'strftime("%A, %I:%M %p", time() )';

such that {$Now} displays as Wednesday, 08:12 PM .

The day was important because I have people I am dealing with in 
Singapore and New Zealand and it is often tomorrow when I talk to 
them, though they think I am living in yesterday.  Gets quite 
confusing near weekends.

This page variable thing could be addictive.


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